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Handling with experience team especially for Export - Import handling process & Commit to improve local farmer and local manufacture to increase their income and relieve the poverty

Borneo Bagian Barat

is a company that focuses on services and sales of various agrocultural commodities domestically and other countries. Our company’s goal is to develop the potential of natural products and increase people’s economic income so that agricultural products from Indonesia, which are rich in various types of commodities, can be known abroad

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100% Organic & Eco Friendly

Borneo Bagian Barat Company is a agricultural product producer, trader and exporter based in Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia. We deal in agriculture commodities such as Coconut Derivative, Damar Batu, Oleo Pine Resin, Gum Rosin, Natural Broomstick, Charcoal Briquette, Cocofiber and other many products coming soon.

We support Indonesian agriculture farmers to live well by directly buy the product from them, and to produce the highest quality of Indonesian agriculture products for local and international market. We collaborate and build long term partnerships with local farmer that aims resulting in strong relationship that mutually strengthen business, so we can provide and Commit in Quality Assurance. We provide clean, safe and traceable agriculture products consistent with international quality assurance standards.

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Harza Kartiady

Andriansyah Ermaya P.

Fajar Ary Supriyanto

Tomi Baruna


let's continue to support environmental preservation by using environmentally friendly goods

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