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For centuries, people in Indonesia have recognized the use of coconut shells not only as a natural raw material to produce handicrafts, but also as an alternative and / or supplement to traditional lump charcoal, to improve and prolong the heat produced for cooking.

Coconut charcoal is an environment-friendly green alternative charcoal with many advantages that will make your barbecuing experience fun and help protect the environment. No single tree is cut to produce coconut charcoal. The characteristics of charcoal vary from one product to another. Charcoal variation results in different burning times, odor, and ash produced. Nevertheless, it is a common misconception that all charcoal is roughly the same. Coconut shell charcoal burns at 7,000 kilo calories. The unique manufacturing process of Coconut shell allows the charcoal embers to produce very little, to no smoke, and no more than 4% ash waste is produced when all the embers are burned completely.

Depending on air exposure and the type of barbecue grill you will be using, one kilogram of coconut charcoal (about 33 briquettes) roughly provides the same cooking “power” as produced by 2 or 2 ½ kilograms of traditional lump charcoal. Additionally, barbecuing with coconut charcoal, which has a very low content of volatile matter, ensures that soot formation, if any, will be minimal. This in turn reduces the cleaning time considerably.

With relatively stable heat created over approximately 2 – 2.5 hours duration, family barbecuing becomes environmentally friendly, more convenient, enjoyable, and more economical as less charcoals needed for replenishment during cooking. Have you try to use coconut shell charcoal for your barbecuing?

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